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Qualification: Ph.D. Yoga, M.Phil Yoga, M.Sc in Yoga, M.A (Economics), M.D (AM)

Career: Joined State Bank of Mysore as a Clerk and elevated to become senior manager. The journey of life took him to introduction to Yoga by his Guru Shri. ParvatappaGuruji at this time Shri. Yogi Devaraj took voluntary retirement to take his Journey in Yoga. His interest in learning Yoga took him to join Yoga Instructor Programme and then Masters in Yoga in S-Vyasa University Arogyadhama. He did his M. Phil in Yoga and also was awarded Doctorate i.e. PhD in Yoga.

Founded Swamy Vivekananda Yoga and Holistic Health Trust in 2005.

Organized State level conference on Yoga and Naturopathy in 2009.

Stop Diabetes mellitus programme (SDM) in 2010 and 2011 on behalf of Govt of India through S-Vyasa Yoga University.

International conference on Yoga, Naturopathy in 2012 with 5500 delegates from 30 countries in Palace grounds, Bangalore.

International Conference on Yoga, Ayurveda and Spirituality in 2013.

Conducted many Yoga teachers training programs in association with S-Vyasa University, Hindu university (HUA) Florida, USA, and Yoga-Samskrutham University.

Conducted free Yoga camps to create awareness on yoga and lifestyle

Designed and conducted his signature programme “AthmaDharshana Yoga” for more than 2500 students in many countries like Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Malaysia, Srilanka, Egypt, Jordan, Isreal, Trinidad, St.Lucia, Nepal, Tibet and USA

Designed and conducting many batches of “Integrated AYUSH therapy and counseling programme (IATCP).

Guinness Book of World Record – Record Holder

Walked from Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu to New Delhi around 3000 kilometers to create awareness of the benefits of interlinking Rivers and Yogic life.

Visited Mount Kailas/ManasaSarovar in 20004.

Awarded “Kempegowda award” in 2011 for promotion of yoga.

Attended Hindu Mandir Executive Conference (HMEC) in Atlanta USA in 2016 and in Indianapolis.USA in 2017.

Attended Akka Conference in Atlantic City.USA in 2016.

Attended many national and international conferences in India and abroad on yoga, naturopathy, health, and wellness.

Published “Pulse of Vedic wisdom to succeed” book to understand “the self”.

Organized Indo – Nepal Yoga Promotional Program – Kathmandu 2019

Organized Indo - Malaysia Yoga Festival

Participated in International Conference on Yoga Festival Rishikesh 2019

As Charter President of Rotary Bangalore started “Vishwa YOGA YAGNA” to make every Taluka, District or State more holistic.

Planning to organize IATCP in many cities, towns, and states.

Conduct series of “AtmaDarshana yoga” programmes around the world.


Ballista Bhavya Bharat – Bharat as “Vishwa Guru” this is eternal fact, we have the scripts of Sanathana Dharma, and our Rishis had given ocean of Knowledge in which yoga important one. In this age of science and technology, Yoga can be used in all fields and helping people for overall development every human being, considering this as a priority, our University has taken up Yoga with alternative Health care system to include all the Yoga Bandhus to join hands in the movement to create physical, mental, Intellectual wellbeing and liberation of community.

According to Swami Vivekananda, Yoga is a process of involving, unification of Holistic education which will generate compassion in all human beings as extension of self and also awaken aspiration for the highest wisdom. Each soul is potentially divine with omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience, avoiding manifestation, we can realize the same through selfless service, assimilation and wisdom through deeper introspection, devotion to the almighty or some special psychophysical practice, the essential divinity, unity of all creation has to be realized through unconditional love which can be achieved through Yoga.

We believe in “VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM” that means the whole world is one family, which includes not only human being but also all animal, birds, trees existing on this earth. We also believe in “let the knowledge come from all the directions” - Rigveda, We accept all likeminded people to come together with their wisdom to make the earth a place to live, through our associations and Partnerships.




WATER: - Water is one of the PanchaMahaBoothas as per our shastras as well as our living conditions as we cannot live without water. Earlier civilizations were grown only near river basins, which show water is the most important requirement for life itself. But unfortunately in the name of growth and development we have started misusing, over using water, without bothering for its conservation. Earlier our ancestors were praying water as Goddess with respect.

PROBLEM: - We have made water as commodity and started dealing with it for money, as a mark of civilization. Conservation was basically to keep forest intact, sand intact or using it to the minimum. But now we have started using Forest for everything with the intention of making money. Sand is the costliest building materials now.

GREATER PROBLEM: - We have stopped looking at the perspective of all human beings. We are becoming so selfish in adding District, Region, State, Party, Politics, Language, culture and many more things to it to make still worse.

District, Region and State: - Many districts in the state itself are not prepared to give water to many other districts restricting in the name of Environment, doing nothing to preserve it in the macro level. Same way in case of Region, State.

Party, Politics and Culture: - Now we have started including Party, Politics and Culture but forgetting we are ONE NATION.

WHAT WE CAN DO: Consider water for all Indians, including future generations. We can educate ourselves about the concept of ‘VASU DAIVA KUTUMBAKAM’ it is not only for telling, advertising, publicity, questioning, quarreling subject. It is the matter to be understood, felt, and experienced about the greatness of our MOTHER LAND. As a Nation of Yoga can we think of ‘SWADHYAYA’ which is given by Lord Pathanjali, Father and Founder of Yoga.

What could be done: We feel following type of people can bring real change in the beginning...

As a Great Politician: Think how many hours I am spending for SOLVING water problems with my own voters in my own constituency, in my district, state, in meetings, discussions, Cabinet meetings, meetings with other chief ministers, central ministers, Prime Ministers. Now let us request all our Political leaders to take up this issue. Example could be our own Prime Minister having lot of concern, respect for water and rivers.

As a Great Journalist: - Think how much time we are sparing to write articles for the solution of problem of Water, with details of its problems and its solutions… Now I request all my brothers and sisters journalists to help, motivate, inspire, educate, and guide common public like me to do something on the principles of NON VIOLENCE, CONSTRUCTIVE, UNDERSTANDING WOKRING WITH BUIDLING NATION WITH PRIDE WITHOUT AN WATER PROBLEM for the next generations also

As a Great Civil Engineers: - Think how we can link all out Tanks, rivers without any problem to environment, forest, sand and people living around rivers. Can we work as a social work to create great knowledge like SIR MV a greatest engineer from Karnataka.
Ex:-TirunelveliDist in Tamil Nadu.

As a Great Advocate :- Think how we can work as Legal advisers to our Govt and people about all legal problems of water, river water using, construction increasing the height of dams / tanks / channels / connecting links to tanks, rivers etc.,

WHY PADAYATRA: - My dear brothers and sisters in Karnataka, Can we make a beginning to create awakening of all our brothers and sisters in our Nation to know about the problems of WATER and its SOLUTIONS, by having National Water Mission. Understanding the problem and its solution itself is very important which can be done by a SOCIAL WORKER with great understanding of life and its purpose. Not all can do this but definitely all can do support this movement by supporting in their own way for the following things.

  • Prepare a project of requirement of water for the next 100 years with its maximum usage for constructive work for agriculture, drinking. Prepare plan for each village for Agriculture and Drinking.
  • Avoiding all unnecessary use of water like giving water to SOFT FRINKS which covert FREE maximum water into poison and sell it for MONEY.
  • Allow industries require heavy water to have their own source of water before giving sanctions to start such industry.
  • Do not allow industries to start who pollute water, air, earth…
  • Preserve more forests, sand, and ground water, grow more plants, and start reducing the usage of water by changing the type of TAPs. Increasing the Rain Water harvesting by giving lot of importance.
  • STARTING OF PADAYATRA: - FROM: Kanyakumari to New Delhi (Raj Ghat)

    ROUTE: Kanyakumari - Bangalore – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Challakere – Bellary – Raichur – Gulbarga – Bidar – Hyderabad – Nagpur – Bhopal – Agra – Mathura – Faridabad – New Delhi (Raj Ghat)

    ON THE WAY: - Visit all Religious places, MahaSamadhis of Great people.