About Us

We believe in education

which transforms, the disciple though the real knowledge through the teaching and training by the Guru. The highest knowledge of Sanatana Dharma is always taught one on one from Guru to the disciple, which transforms the disciple, which is the main purpose of education by uplifting ancient Yoga knowledge of Bhavya Bharath.Thus build ballista Bhavya Bharath and making Bharath Vishwa guru by spreading the vast knowledge, Love, and Services throughout the world. Our intension is “VasudaivaKutubakam” by making every individual balanced physically, mentally intellectually, Socially, Economically and spiritually to take forward.


To create International standard yoga teachers, therapists, and counselors.


To teach traditional yoga techniques based on ancient yoga texts of Bharat with modern qualifications, and certificate from Apex yoga organizations.